Investing with Impact

For a growing cohort of investors, financial returns aren’t enough. Those investors seek social and environmental progress in tandem with competitive investment performance. Impact investing through public equities provides an innovative mechanism to help realise their objectives.

Reconnecting with the Natural World

Reconnecting with the Natural World – A Chat with Jack Dwyer, Co-Founder of Vyra, a sustainability start-up aiming to re-establish the connection between people and the natural world.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

We also recognise our responsibility as an industry leader to help our trustees and clients prepare for the challenges and opportunities that the future will present and were delighted in 2020 to support the delivery of Ireland’s first Responsible Investment Trustee (RIT) qualification.

Shaping the ESG Performers of Tomorrow

We believe that a careful portfolio combination of quality, from ESG Winners, and rerating opportunities, linked to ESG Improvers, will allow investors to achieve a more attractive risk-adjusted return.

The ESG Factor Magazine – Q2 2021

The ESG Factor Magazine – Official Magazine of ESG Ireland®. The latest issue features articles from some of the world’s leading investment managers. We also talk to another sustainability start up committed to making a difference.