Tackling Social Challenges: A Collaborative Approach

Dan Healy, a Partner at Irish Homes, shares his thoughts on the need for greater collaboration to tackle our social challenges, with social housing providing an example of how public private partnership can work.

Through the Looking-Glass

David Gait, from the Sustainable Funds Group at Stewart Investors discusses some of the issues with sustainable investing in Asia Pacific. As with Alice when she stepped through the looking-glass , David finds a similar crisis of logic with investing in the region.

The Coronavirus and ESG Investing – The Emergence of the Social Pillar

Amundi’s Quantitative Research team has been studying the evolution of ESG investing across asset classes and geographies for the past several years. With the coronavirus pandemic, they have carefully examined these Responsible Investing trends and have identified some interesting findings.

To Vicinity and Beyond

To deliver a more sustainable balance in our consumption driven economy, we will need to rethink what we consume and how we consume. In this article we cover Vicinity, a Dublin based company ‘looking to better connect consumers with local producers without compromising convenience’.

Rainbow washing the SDGs away

The Sustainable Funds Group at Stewart Investors discuss the issues with the current application of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the creation of a principles-based framework to bring greater transparency to SDG claims.