3 Things We Learned About Corporate Purpose In 2020

Are companies that claim to be purpose-driven walking the talk? We outline 3 key takeaways from our analysis on a global sample of companies as part of our research on Covid-19 and Inequality: A Test of Corporate Purpose.

Corporate ESG News and the Stock Market

Takaya Sekine, Deputy Head of Quantitative Research at Amundi, provides a brief snapshot of his team’s latest ESG research paper looking at Corporate ESG News and the Stock Market.

Sustainable Investing: Resilience amid Uncertainty

We believe that we are still in the early stages of a persistent and long-lasting shift toward sustainability – the full effects of which are not yet included in market prices, given the long transition.

Tackling Social Challenges: A Collaborative Approach

Dan Healy, a Partner at Irish Homes, shares his thoughts on the need for greater collaboration to tackle our social challenges, with social housing providing an example of how public private partnership can work.