The baseline for a more secure future


The challenges facing our planet are real. Incorporating environmental impact into investment decision making is not about sacrificing returns, it is about delivering more sustainable returns and in turn securing the future of our ecosystem.


We need to re-think how we, as individuals, consider the concept of social impact and most importantly our power as individuals to shape the society we live in. As investors, we can push companies to deliver a positive societal impact.


The capital allocators within the pensions industry – investment managers, investment consultants and scheme trustees – have a responsibility to exert their stewardship role more actively to hold companies to higher governance standards.

Purpose is a knowledge centre focused on delivering thought leadership on the practical application of responsible investing for trustees and investors in Ireland.

Its purpose is to provide more clarity on how a range of Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG) can be applied as part of a responsible investment strategy and in decision making frameworks more generally. will help trustees and investors to understand the mechanics of a responsible investment process, from the development of their philosophy and the design of their investment strategy, through to its implementation from the expanding universe of investment options.

The growing lexicon of terminology around responsible investing has added to some confusion for capital allocators. However, the ESG framework remains a core part of the investment decision making process across the full spectrum of responsible investment categories.

As well, regulators continue to focus on ESG as the cornerstone of active stewardship. We have seen this recently in Europe with the IORPS II directive which has emphasised the need for pension scheme trustees to take account of ESG factors in the scheme’s investment process.

Incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into decision making frameworks is fundamental to managing new and emerging risks. Taking a responsible approach to capital allocation and investing is not about sacrificing returns, it is about delivering more sustainable returns over the long term. aims to be part of the solution for a more secure future.