Empowering Responsible Investment.

Thought leadership and education on the practical application of sustainability within investments.

Knowledge Centre

ESG Ireland® is an independent knowledge centre focused on delivering thought leadership and practical education on responsible investment. We aim to make this broad subject more accessible to everyone.

Partnership & Collaboration

Members of ESG Ireland® include some of the world’s leading organisations who believe in sustainability. We invite interested stakeholders to be part of this collaborative effort to make sustainability a priority.

Authentic Advocacy

Our core purpose is to be part of the solution for a more secure future, to make Ireland a beacon for other countries to follow. We will also be a voice for innovation and change, featuring sustainability start-ups developing new solutions.


Turning Intention into Action

The Story Behind ESG IRELAND®

In May 2018, the idea for ESG Ireland was born, in Argentina of all places. I had one clear objective from the start; to develop an ESG knowledge centre that could help decision makers coming to terms with sustainability and ESG.

Our community of members and subscribers continues to grow, The ESG Factor Magazine and Podcast is making the subject more accessible, and through the Responsible Investment Institute™ we have successfully launched a number of RI education courses.

Vincent McCarthy, CFA – Founder of ESG Ireland® and the Responsible Investment Institute


“Responsible investing has gone more mainstream, but there is still a lot of confusion around what it means.”

- Vincent McCarthy, CFA

The Core Elements of Responsible Investment

The Why?


The How?

ESG Framework

The Who?

All Stakeholders

The What?

A Secure Future

Responsible Investment Institute

Organisations coming to terms with sustainability and how to apply ESG regularly cite a knowledge and skills gap as a major challenge. This is a result of the subject being a fringe topic in the education syllabus and industry training programs.

The Responsible Investment Institute aims to change this. Our educational courses are tailored to the needs of various stakeholders. The focus is on empowering decision makers to ask the right questions when it comes to thinking about sustainability and responsible decision making. 

Latest Article

Transition talk

Authentic. Is the transition plan credible?

Policymakers across the globe are in broad agreement that we need to transition to a sustainable economy, albeit there are differences on how to get there, when we’ll get there and what it looks like. It is critical that all the talk of “transition” is not just another way for leaders to deflect from taking the tough decisions that are needed today.