Transition talk

Authentic. Is the transition plan credible?

Policymakers across the globe are in broad agreement that we need to transition to a sustainable economy, albeit there are differences on how to get there, when we’ll get there and what it looks like. It is critical that all the talk of “transition” is not just another way for leaders to deflect from taking the tough decisions that are needed today.

The ESG Factor Magazine

New Issue of The ESG Factor Magazine

In this issue of the magazine, among other articles, we share insights on what characterises a meaningful sustainability transition, the need for companies and individuals to adapt, the regulation intended to drive the transition, and the concept of transition investing.

Peace in the world

Peace is the goal, war is the reality

Peace. Goal 16 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to “Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies”. Yet war and conflict continues to rage. UN resolutions for a ceasefire are meaningless, when the most powerful countries follow their own rules.

The ESG Factor Magazine l Issue 15

The latest issue of the magazine features articles on key sustainability trends, climate adaption, biodiversity, sustainability preferences, proxy voting, financial advice and more.

Responsible Investment Policy

What makes a good responsible investment policy?

When First Sentier Investors updated our responsible investment (RI) policy two years ago, we knew it wouldn’t be a ‘set and forget’ task. The policy includes a mechanism to be reviewed at least every two years – but two years is a long time in the ESG world, and our latest review led to a number of important updates to the policy and its underlying approach.