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📌 Editor’s Note: ‘We are in a transition period’.

📌 What Could Shape Sustainability and Climate Investing in 2024? – written by Meggin Thwing Eastman, Research Editorial Director, & Laura Nishikawa, Managing Director, MSCI Research

📌 FCA Confirms New Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) – written by Marie-Anne Vincent, VP of Climate Finance, SWEEP

📌 Sustainability: 3 reasons why we need to look beyond decarbonisation – written by Eva cairns, Head of Sustainability Insights & Climate Strategy – ABRDN

📌 Transition Investing: A primer on the what, the why, and the how – written by BlackRock

📌 Can we fix our food? – written by Mathew Hampshire-Waugh, Founder of Net-Zero Consulting Services, Author of “Climate Change and the road to Net-Zero” & “Climate Change Kitchen”

📌 Climate change adaption: The Insurance industry must respond on multiple fronts – written by Chloë Carton

📌 Clearing the air – why air pollution is a critical ESG issue and should be prioritised by companies and investors alike – written by Ammar Khan, Corporate Campaign Lead, ShareAction

📌 Untangling the Taxonomy Regulation – Jill Shaw, ESG & Sustainability Lead, A&L Goodbody

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