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Dublin, Ireland, 23 November 2020 — ESG Ireland® is pleased to welcome Setanta Asset Management as a new member of the ESG Ireland® community, committed to working towards a more secure future.

Vincent McCarthy, Founder, ESG Ireland®, said: “It is great to welcome Setanta Asset Management, one of Ireland’s leading investment managers, as the newest member of ESG Ireland®. I look forward to working with Setanta on closing the knowledge gap around ESG and responsible investing.

As a research driven active manager, the incorporation of ESG considerations in the investment process is a natural part of analysing the fundamentals of a company when building an investment case.

Kieran Dempsey, Managing Director, Setanta Asset Management, said: “We are pleased to work with ESG Ireland® and strongly support their efforts to move responsible investment forward. As an active manager our focus has always been on identifying sustainable businesses, but recently more capital allocators are now starting to appreciate why sustainability matters across all asset classes.

As long-term investors, we are attracted to businesses that share our long-term perspective, and are careful stewards of their resources, both financial and otherwise. As part of our fundamental and robust review of a company we consider material ESG factors both for potential risk and opportunity in the short, medium, and long term.”

About Setanta Asset Management

Setanta Asset Management is an independent investment management firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1998, Setanta has successfully applied a long-term value investing approach to its global equity and multi-asset funds.

The Setanta investment approach is straight forward. We invest our portfolios in good quality businesses that are durable, financed conservatively, run by trustworthy management with a shareholder focus and under-appreciated by investors at large for one reason or other. We protect our clients with sensible diversification, a healthy dose of scepticism, and a margin of safety ‘buffer’ embedded in our valuation work. We are diligent and patient investors, undertaking thorough investment research, developing a deep understanding of our portfolio companies and always with a long-term perspective.

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About ESG Ireland®

ESG Ireland® is an independent knowledge centre focused on delivering thought leadership, education, and the latest developments on the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into responsible decision-making frameworks, to assist companies, trustees, investors, and all stakeholders. ESG Ireland® has been established to be part of the solution for a more secure future; we believe the best way to achieve this is through collaboration with all stakeholders, to promote a greater sharing of perspectives.

While the broader theme of sustainability has garnered more attention recently, a big knowledge gap exists around the practical application of ESG and responsible investment among companies. trustees, pension scheme members, investors, and other stakeholders. This is something we aim to address. Taking a responsible approach to capital allocation and investing is not about sacrificing returns, it is about delivering more sustainable returns over the long term and in turn securing the future.

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