The Official Newsletter of ESG Ireland

The ESG Factor is a new quarterly publication focused on sharing practical knowledge on the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into decision making and the broader theme of responsible investing.

Across the fiduciary chain – from the investor to the executive team at companies – all stakeholders are coming to terms with how best to integrate ESG. There are a variety of reasons for the inertia around implementation, but the lack of practical information is regularly cited as a major barrier to integration, something we aim to address.

ESG will continue to gain momentum as a cornerstone of responsible investing and measuring impact within business strategy, but it is not prescriptive in how decision makers apply it. Decision-making bodies must embark on their own philosophical journey, to arrive at a set of values that align with their own objectives. 
We live in an attention economy with advertisers vying for your time 24/7, spending billions every year for mere seconds of your attention.  Engagement has been distilled down to decisions like whether to swipe left or right, to like a post or continue scrolling down to something with a more scandalous headline.

At ESG Ireland, we are striving for real engagement on a theme we believe is fundamental to securing our future. So, we want to thank you for taking the time to read this publication. 

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Above all, our objective is to provoke thought and to empower people to ask the right questions. Explored with the right mindset, ESG can be a rewarding journey.

Vincent McCarthy, CFA
ESG Ireland